Friday, 11 February 2011

Black Dog Days

It's the damndest thing about depression (or mine at least) that it spends most of its time secreted in the undergrowth of my life only to spring out and ambush me at inopportune moments. So today has been a poor sort of a day. I can at least rationalise it and assure myself that it will pass. But the worst times are when you allow yourself to speculate on what will happen if it proves stubborn. Keep taking the tablets I suppose, as God said to Moses, or was it Charlton Heston?

A better day for Egyptians though. The 'last pharoah' President Mubarak has bowed to the inevitable and resigned. Next stop Zurich to find a cash machine no doubt. I can only ponder pessimistically the prospect of the looming Muslim Brotherhood, the fabled face of 'moderate Islam.' No Egyptian woman need mither about the cares of presidential office if the Brotherhood take over - the post's duties would 'conflict with her nature, social and other humanitarian roles.' Nobody's business but the Egyptians of course but the world doesn't really work like that now does it. On which cheery note I'm off out for a meal.

Oh, one last thing. The average salary at Goldman Sachs (this includes the cleaners and other skivvies) is £289000. Now one thinks about it the Brotherhood might be onto something. Or even Vince Cable. Now I've gone too far. Peace out man.

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  1. Sorry to hear that chap, but onwards and upwards and don't forget the Irish pilgrimage will be here before you know it! Before that Cheltenham, so many things so little time. Try working in this climate for a living!