Thursday, 17 February 2011

You'll Never Guess Who I Had In The Back Of My Cab

Only that David Cameron. 'What happened to the bike then?' I said but he didn't see the funny side. Tell you who he reminded me of - that Blair, Tony. Another posh geezer but you'd have to say Cameron's wife is better looking. Still each to his own as I always say, as long as it doesn't harm noone. I remember that Rousseau saying something along those lines when I took him down Soho. Nice enough for a foreigner.

a foreign fare-good tipper

Anyway I say to the boy Dave that I'm a bit perplexed by this latest Supreme Court uproar (Supreme Court Sex Offender Decision) and he says something along the lines of too right guvnor, strike a light etc etc. We're outraged he tells me, how dare the Supreme Court actually enforce the law parliament was dopey enough to pass in the first place and which (though I was too polite to mention this) his crowd don't seem to be in a hurry to repeal. But before he can go on giving it the old righteous indignation bollocks I ask him why it's now called the Supreme Court. This was down to Blair and his flabby mate Charlie Falconer apparently and no he hasn't got a clue what it was about other than perhaps Tone had watched too much West Wing. So we park that one. 

the fare who bust my suspension
But then it got very confusing and I got the distinct impression that Dave didn't understand a word of what I was saying. It's your Human Rights Act you see. It's created a constitutional conundrum which interferes with the old notion that the Queen in parliament is sovereign. Not unlike your European Communities Act all those years ago and on which it seems, not a little embarrassingly, that the vile old nutter Enoch Powell may actually have had a point. You see sovereignty is rather like virginity - once you've given it away it's a right bugger getting it back. At this Dave did that thing punters do when they pretend to read their paper. But he was listening alright. So since he wasn't going to make the running I carried on and rather surprised him by saying that it occurred to me that the dreaded judges had in fact reached a civilized decision but had got there by an unworthy route ie your sodding human rights. Which got me neatly onto prisoners voting. Have a look at what the super soaraway Sun had to say on the topic at
Oi, where's your helmet!
Me? Of course they shouldn't vote says I, but it's for parliament to make its bloody mind up and do its job not pass the buck to a bunch of lawyers. Which brings me back to the virginity/sovereignty point I made earlier. Just to mix me metaphors completely, you can't put the genie back in the bottle can you? Dave said nothing, got out at Notting Hill, no tip. Cuts I suppose. 

Next week: Lord Denning, best fare ever; Tony Benn, lovely, mad as a box of frogs; Gordon Brown, couldn't take to him; Nick Clegg, even posher than Dave; Vince Cable, don't bloody start me! Cheerio guvnor.

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